Carolina Albano

Carolina Albano
Hi! I’m Carolina. I stumbled into the building industry purely by accident, back in 2007.
I started out as a technical trainer for installers and evolved into technical manager. Over the years, I assembled a rock star team of architects, engineers and technical services specialists. We developed certifications, material testing protocols, new products, won a design award, and published a few articles.
My favorite part about all those years was the time spent at job sites co-creating solutions with clients. Even mediating a dispute or two, or two hundred…
I made the switch over to sales in 2017 and developed and implemented successful sales strategies for ventilated facades, installers, interiors and more. 
The Pandemic taught me more than anything to pay attention to how I was spending my time.
Through my podcast interviews and in talking with clients, colleagues and friends I realized we all want to do work that is meaningful and makes a difference.
I created Industruct to be the place where the top freelance talent in building products manufacturing lives. I have curated a team of people I admire, respect and trust.
We are engineers, sales pros, technical writers, product testing professionals, drafters and more. 
We are ready to help you to your next level and beyond. Let’s talk!